Mobile Warehouse & Product Fulfillment Unit

The TEK Xpress unit travels daily throughout the Greater Boston Area to key accounts where we can process orders and invoices on-site and on demand. The unit is stocked with a wide range of custom selected products specifically chosen to meet our customers’ needs and shipping demands.

To stand out in today’s competitive market, it is essential to offer customers the services they need to meet core deliverables. At TEK, we strive to become the indispensable partner our customers love. Contact us to discuss ways to utilize this program and learn how the TEK Xpress is the tool you need to grow your business.

TEK Xpress

Parker Products Available on the TEK Xpress

Instrumentation Products Division

  • Fittings
  • MPI Products (Autoclave)
  • Flare Coned Connections (Autoclave)

Veriflo Division

  • Fittings
    • UHP / Fluoropolymer / PVC / CPVC
  • Regulators
    • UHP Gas / Fluoropolymer

Hose Products Division

  • Hydraulic / Industrial / Tubing / Push-Lok

Parflex Division

  • Ultra High Pressure Thermoplastic Fittings
  • Hose
Parker Products

Interested in Getting “On Board”?

If this mobile warehouse and fulfillment option appeals to the you, please complete the form below. Current customers, please contact your sales person or Mario Kerr.

TEK Xpress Truck Increases Sales and Service on the Road

Source: Parker Hannifin Instrumentation Division Newsletter

TEK Xpress Increases Sales and Services on the Road

“In 2004, TEK Stainless Piping Products began developing an innovative way to provide more service to our customers. After approaching several key customers, we presented the concept of available inventory for timely order fulfillment on site, while reducing costs. The result is our TEK Xpress, a mobile warehouse and sales office product fulfillment unit.

Covering a 50+-mile radius in the Boston area, our TEK Xpress serves customers by processing orders, ship tickets and invoices on demand. Moreover, we mutually developed a key product list (inventory) for our mobile customers.

An authorized Parker Instrumentation Solutions Center distributor, our TEK Xpress holds inventory in excess of 500 line items. Inventory items include compression fittings and valves as well as a full complement of UHP products.

Visiting accounts once each week allows us to strengthen the relationships with our customers as we interact with everyone on-site from maintenance to receiving, warehouse, engineering and general managers.

Our TEK Xpress service offering is growing. If you have an interest on ‘getting on board’ please contact your sales representative or Mario Kerr”

– Jim Hoefner, President