Customized Hose Labeling Solutions

TEK NorthEast has introduced an all-new “TEK-TAG” Hose Labeling System to its extensive hose product line. This system incorporates an 8 Ton Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) Press and a 5 Gallon Mixing System.

This system injects liquid platinum cured silicone into a mold custom made for each hose and is permanently cured over each label on silicone or silicone-covered hose assemblies. The labels are customizable with the information that the customer requires for each assembly and is available with various colored labels or stripes.

Features & Benefits

  • Permanently molded to hose with cured silicone
  • Completely sealed to the outside of the hose (zero entrapment or product contact)
  • Easy to read text on labeling
  • Labeling includes customized data per requirements of customer
  • Durable
  • Cleanable
  • Autoclavable
  • Rated for clean-in-place (CIP) and steam-in-place (SIP)
  • Quick turn around
  • Competitively priced
  • FDA/USP Class VI Silicone
8 Ton Liquid Injection Modling (LIM) Press
5 Gallon Mixing System
Tek Tag Custom Hose Label
Custom Silicone Hose Label


Questions? Contact our team of professionals today to learn more about our TEK Tag Custom Hose Labeling service.