The Crucial Role of Oxygen (O2) Cleaning in High-Purity Industries

Whether you’re in aerospace, semiconductor, biopharma or any other industry where high purity is a requirement, the significance of cleanliness cannot be overstated. One of the most critical aspects in ensuring the integrity and safety of various components and equipment is the meticulous removal of contaminants, particularly when it comes to oxygen-enriched systems. That’s where the remarkable process of Oxygen – O2 Cleaning comes into play.

The Essence of Oxygen Cleaning

Oxygen, while vital for life, can pose significant challenges when it comes into contact with certain materials and systems. The presence of contaminants like grease, oil, dust, or any organic substances in an oxygen-rich environment can lead to disastrous consequences, such as fires or explosions. This is where Oxygen Cleaning becomes indispensable as its removal of contaminants can significantly reduce the possibility of autoignition and help maintain a safe environment while also enhancing the life and performance of your parts.

Oxygen Cleaning

What Gets Removed?

Our oxygen cleaning process takes place in our class 8 CNC area and prepares these types of materials by removing combustible contaminants, such as grease, dust, oils, and particles that contain residual hydrocarbons. Per ASTM G93 standards, contaminants can be classified into three categories:

TEK O2 Cleaning

Organic Compounds

  •  VOC compounds
  •  Hydrocarbon based greases & oils

Inorganic Compounds

  •  Nitrates
  •  Phosphates
  •  Water-based detergents & cutting oils
  • Acids / Solvents


  • Particles, lint, and fibers
  • Dust
  • Weld slag

Key Benefits of Oxygen Cleaning:

TEK O2 Fittings
  • Safety Assurance: The primary objective of oxygen cleaning is to eliminate contaminants that can ignite in an oxygen-enriched environment, thus ensuring safety in critical systems.
  • Enhanced Performance: Clean components operate more efficiently, reducing the risk of system failures and costly downtime.
  • Longevity: Oxygen cleaning prevents corrosion and premature wear and tear, increasing the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Compliance: Many industries require stringent standards for oxygen cleanliness. Compliance is essential to avoid regulatory penalties.

TEK’s O2 Cleaning Services: Expertise You Can Trust

At TEK, we understand the critical nature of oxygen cleaning and our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and state-of-the-art equipment needed to perform Oxygen Cleaning to the highest industry standards.

We follow the TCP2 method for oxygen cleaning, and our process is verified by an independent third party to meet ASTM G93 Levels C Level 500 and CGA 4.1 standards. Our oxygen cleaning is carried out in a non-certified class 8 clean area, with a final inspection using both visual white light and blacklight test methods as per ASTM G93 and CGA4 standards. Packaging is conducted in our in-house ISO Class 7 Clean Room, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the quality standards expected by both the industry and our clients.

As a part of our oxygen cleaning process, we have stringent packaging procedures in place to prevent any recontamination of your materials and equipment, ensuring their integrity during storage and installation.

Elevate Safety, Efficiency, and Compliance with TEK’s Oxygen Cleaning Services

When it comes to the safety, efficiency, and compliance of your operations, there’s no room for compromise. TEK’s O2 Cleaning Services provide the assurance you need and have the expertise to elevate your performance and safety standards.

Don’t wait until contaminants compromise your operations. Contact TEK today to learn more about our Oxygen Cleaning Services and take the first step toward ensuring the integrity of your critical systems.