What is Oxygen Cleaning?

Due to oxygen’s highly reactive nature, all systems where oxygen is present must be free of any contaminants that could act as fuel for combustion. Improper cleaning of materials and surfaces can make a system more vulnerable to fire or explosions. This chemical cleaning, surface preparation procedure is used for materials intended for use in oxygen-enriched environments and high-purity processes, such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, and glass. O2 cleaning’s removal of contaminants can significantly reduce the possibility of autoignition, maintaining a safe environment while enhancing the life and performance of your parts.

TEK NorthEast’s O2 Cleaning Capabilities

TEK NorthEast is excited to announce our new oxygen cleaning (O2) service is now fully operational and ready to clean for your fittings, valves, and other fabricated components to be used in oxygen-enriched environments.

O2 Cleaning

What Gets Removed?

Our oxygen cleaning process takes place in our class 8 CNC area and prepares these types of materials by removing combustible contaminants, such as grease, dust, oils, and particles that contain residual hydrocarbons. Per ASTM G93 standards, contaminants can be classified into three categories:

TEK O2 Cleaning

Organic Compounds

  •  VOC compounds
  •  Hydrocarbon based greases & oils

Inorganic Compounds

  •  Nitrates
  •  Phosphates
  •  Water-based detergents & cutting oils
  • Acids / Solvents


  • Particles, lint, and fibers
  • Dust
  • Weld slag
TEK O2 Fittings

Industries & Applications that Require Oxygen Cleaned Material

  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor
  • Bio-pharma
  • Medical treatment
  • Water pollution countermeasures such as sewage treatment
  • Chemical processing
  • Industrial gases for welding and other processes
  • Steelmaking


At TEK, we maintain uncompromised, high-quality control standards by cleaning per the TCP2 process. Our process is validated by a third party and meets ASTM G93 Levels C Level 500, as well as CGA 4.1. Our O2 cleaning is performed in our class 8 non-certified clean area with final inspection, using the visual white light & blacklight test method per ASTM G93 & CGA4 standards, and packaging taking place in our class 7 clean room. Having an in-house ISO Class 7 Clean Room facility allows us to ensure that industry, and our own, quality standards that you expect are exceeded. As part of our oxygen cleaning process, we have packaging procedures in place to prevent any recontamination of your material and equipment for storage and installation.

Questions? Contact our team of professionals today to learn more about our O2 cleaning services.