At TEK, we know that every time you introduce new products into your workflow, it’s crucial to have complete faith in their ability to perform correctly and consistently. We are proud to be a distributor of Parker Filtration’s line of liquid and air/gas processing solutions for applications in life sciences, food and beverage, industrial/chemical, and microelectronic markets. With the backing of industry-trusted brands like Parker domnick hunter, Parker Finite, and Parker Balston, you receive the reliability you demand, consistently yielding superior outcomes time after time.

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Parker Filtration

Pharmaceutical Filters

We offer a range of liquid and gas filters for biopharmaceutical use, including those for clarification, bioburden reduction, sterile filtration, and mycoplasma removal. Our line of filters for Pharma is complete and spans from sterilizing filters of .1 Micron to high-flow pretreat filters. Additionally, our BWF filters can be integrated into Parker’s single-use automated systems for greater process control and optimization.

Parker Filtration

Sterile Filters

Effective filtration is critical for ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages. Parker offers a range of validated sterilizing grade air and gas filters, equipped with PTFE membrane and borosilicate microfiber media with ratings as low as 0.1 Micron, absolute. Parker’s portfolio includes various configurations and filter media combinations that provide a high-quality filter while maintaining flow rates and minimizing product loss.


Parker Balston

Pre-filtration For Air & Gas Systems

Parker Finite and Parker Balston are world leaders in the filtration, purification and separation of compressed air and gases. These air and gas filter vessels meet the requirements of gas and vent filtration applications across a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical processing.

Parker Balston

Pre-filtration For Liquids & Clarification

Filter clarification and pre-treatment are essential steps in various industries to ensure the purity and quality of liquids. Parker domnick hunter filters offers a large selection of filters designed for this purpose that ensures high throughput with exceptional efficiency, resulting in a clear and clean product.

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