July 19, 2023

To our valued partners,

Over the past several weeks the TEK Team has been diligently addressing options for shipping your critical components if in fact there is a UPS Nation-wide work stoppage on August 1st, 2023. TEK has developed several options that we would like to share in preparation for this potential event.

  • Daily UPS shipments will be shifted to FEDX Ground Services immediately. The TEK Team has negotiated a significant daily package allocation that should allow uninterrupted ground shipments of your components.
  • TEK has upgraded our own internal delivery vehicle fleet and if needed can deploy three vehicles daily to ensure timely deliveries.
  • We will attempt to consolidate customer shipments on a daily or weekly basis, depending on customer requirements and communication with our sales teams.
  • And our Supply Chain Team has worked with our partners to develop a similar strategy to ensure a continuous flow of products to our Randolph facility or directly to our valued customers.

Feel free to contact our sales team members if you want to make your own arrangements. We are happy to help accommodate your requirements during what could be a very challenging time.

Hopefully, both parties currently involved in these negotiations will reach an accord that resolves the current issues, and this talk of a work stoppage will simply be that – talk!

Please feel free to contact our sales team members or myself with any questions or concerns. Thanks for your continued support of TEK!


Jim Hoefner
TEK Centers of Excellence

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