Continuing to Preserve the Safety and Well-being of Our Teammates and Partners

As noted earlier this week, TEK Companies strive to preserve the safety and well-being of our teammates and partners. We are committed to maintain business continuity during these ever-changing times. This maintenance will look very different from the norm that you have previously experienced from TEK. This crisis is requiring all of us to evaluate our businesses daily if not hourly. The end game of this crisis may lead us to new and more efficient business practices, which will better serve our partners when this crisis is over.

But today we are taking additional steps at TEK to limit the mitigation of COVID-19 both internally and externally. Effective Friday 3/20, the following additional actions are being implemented:

  • Staffing in Randolph will be reduced drastically with many team members working from home. I will provide contact information below.
  • Due to a pre-existing health condition (unrelated to the corona virus) of our flatbed driver, we have decided to limit his activities to our warehouse. We will continue to offer a limited delivery service via our van and will continue to ship products via common carriers and UPS/FedEx.
  • When delivering product via TEK vehicles, we have instructed our driver to assist in removing the materials from the van, but not to enter the customers facility – he will call the contact on the order, or the front office of the customer and advise that he is at a loading dock or receiving area, but he will not enter the premise.
  • All visits to TEK by customers, contractors or vendors is suspended until further notice.
  • Continued aggressive sanitizing of the facility is taking place and additional cleaning services have been added.
  • Employees continue to maintain and follow the CDC and WHO guidelines and social distancing is strictly enforced.

With the exception of Parker Veriflo, that has been forced to “shelter in place”, our supply chain continues to update us and at this time we do not foresee any interruptions that will impact our partners. We will continue to follow this closely and report out any change in this status.

This is an unprecedented time for all – we need everyone to work together to get this this crisis. We will continue to update as this crisis progresses, but our goals remain that we all remain healthy and safe.


Jim Hoefner
TEK Companies


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Jim Hoefner
Cell: 781-883-7193

Rick Antosca
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Cell: 617-852-3472 

Nick Stephens
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