Single Use Systems and Molded Products


Eliminate production stoppages for sterilization, reduce the risk of leaks and contamination, and increase efficiency by incorporating Single-Use Systems from AdvantaPure. Single-Use Systems, or SUS, simplify cleaning validations—use once and discard. Each system is custom made using platinum-cured, Class VI silicone tubing or reinforced hose or AdvantaFlex® Class VI biopharmaceutical grade tubing to meet sealing and welding application requirements. Add fittings, stoppers and container closures, filters, sensors, bottles, labels, tracking options and other components.

Venair Silicone


Whatever the nature of the fluid you convey, its temperature, concentration, working pressure or even the type of cleaning cycles used in your process, Venair offers a wide range of flexible solutions and customized pieces in silicone and other materials for the transfer of liquid, pasty products or even solids.