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The 2017 U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER) finds that the Traditional Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors today employ approximately 6.4 million Americans. These sectors increased in 2016 by just under 5 percent, adding over 300,000 net new jobs, roughly 14% of all those created in the country. The United States remained the world’s top producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons in 2017, reaching a record high. The United States has been the world’s top producer of natural gas since 2009, when U.S. natural gas production surpassed that of Russia, and the world’s top producer of petroleum hydrocarbons since 2013, when U.S. production exceeded Saudi Arabia’s. Since 2008, U.S. petroleum and natural gas production has increased by nearly 60%.1

Subsea Connection Systems & Quick Couplings

Harsh conditions demand predictable results. In the subsea environment where the challenges are extreme, there is no leeway for systems to be down. The redundant interface sealing and metal seal technology ensure predictable and enduring performance. Parker’s MCD Series Stab Plates provide maximum performance, ease of installation, long life, and a sound hydraulic connection in harsh subsea conditions. They have the best-in-class guiding features and are lightweight for ease of handling during installation.


Porter | Gas Mass Flow Control

Porter Mass Flow products offer precision instruments for measurement and control of gas flow. The line includes flowmeters, flow controllers and control valves that are accurate, reliable and cost-effective solutions for many gas mass flow applications.

Parker Partek Products

Partek | PFA/PTFE Valves

Partek produces products that are made from only the finest Fluoropolymers available. These Fluoropolymers are resistant to numerous chemicals and solvents.  PTFE is a fluorocarbon resin that is isostatically compression molded into various shapes and configurations.  Modified PTFE material is used primarily for diaphragms and bellows in our products. PFA is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether.

Autoclave Engineers

Autoclave Engineers | Flare Coned Connection

Parker Autoclave’s FCC Series utilizes the make-up and installation simplicity of compression style connections with the strength of cone and thread. It uses a dual high integrity metal-to-metal seal connection that is suitable up to 22,500 PSI.

Parker Veriflow

Veriflo | Instrumentation Process Analyzer

The ChangeOver System is a compact turnkey module that assists the operator with their total gas management. The Veriflo product line includes regulators, flow controllers, and cylinder connections management.

Autoclave NSK Series

Autoclave Engineers | 6MO NORSOK

Parker Autoclave Engineers NORSOK M650 compliant 6Mo (6 moly) high-pressure valves, fittings, and tubing meet stringent requirements and are designed to improve the safety of equipment used in offshore applications. A product line designed to offer enclosed to maximize the material limitations and are capable of meeting a 15,000 psi (1035 bar) working pressure.

Parker Manifolds

Instrumentation Process Control | Manifolds, Flanged Products, Ball & Hand Valves

One of the most comprehensive ranges of precision instrumentation manifolds, tube fittings, instrumentation valves, complimentary products and accessories in the market. The extensive product line provides all the components to take the instrument engineer from the process connection to the instrument or the varied oil, gas and process industries across the world.

Instrumentation Fittings

Instrumentation Products | Industrial Fittings, Materials & Tubing

Highly engineered pressure and temperature fittings and tubing materials. A line of process control instruments ranging in compression tube fittings, A-LOK® /CPI™ Fittings, high-pressure fittings, Phastite® Fittings, MPI Fittings (medium-pressure), a range of tubing material, and tube fabricating equipment.

Autoclave High Pressure Pumps

Autoclave | Air Driven, High-Pressure Liquid Pumps

These high-pressure pumps convert simple air pressure into high and ultra-high liquid pressures by utilizing a large area piston on the air side to move a small area plunger to compress the liquid into very high hydraulic pressures – as high as 60,000 psi (4137 bar). Compared to other types of hydraulic pumps, they provide cost-effective and energy saving benefits for many applications.

Parker Industrial Hoses

Industrial Hose & Push-Lok System

Parker Industrial Hose Products are the preferred choice for transferring abrasive materials, acid and chemicals, air, compressed gases, food, fuel, oil, sanitary materials, steam, welding gases, water and many other materials. Parker Push-Lok assemblies can be made in seconds, saving valuable time and money. With Parker’s exclusive color-code system, you can inventory, maintain and identify your hose needs easily and efficiently. The Push-Lok system is easy to use and the Push-Lok fittings are reusable, just replace the hose at the job site without any special tools or clamps.

Parflex High-Pres Thermoplastic Hose & Fittings

Parflex | High-Pressure Thermoplastic Hose & Fittings

Hoses and tubing products to handle extreme applications include thermoplastic and fluoropolymer hose and tubing, hose bundles, instrumentation tubing, harnesses, and accessories. Specific braid materials, wire reinforcements, spiral reinforcements and distinguishing features are clearly called out with each hose product. Perforated and non-perforated hoses are available based on application.

Parker Multitube Products

Parflex | Multitube® Instrument and Heat Trace Tubing Products

Parflex Multitube® offers a variety of thermal control tubing products, such as steam and electric trace tubing, as well as analyzer and probe support bundles. These bundles are typically used for temperature maintenance and freeze protection in chemical processing and refineries, power generation, process control and environmental monitoring systems.

Habonim Chemical

A Premium Line of Valves for the Chemical Industry

During chemical processing, the raw materials can be both physically and chemically transformed, by using large amounts of heat and energy. Eliminating product emissions is one of the most serious challenges for the process industry and consequently can be most costly to control.

Habonim Metal Seated Valves

A Premium Line of Valves for the Petrochemical Industry

The process of refining crude oil into petrochemicals involves handling abrasive materials at extreme temperatures and high pressure, whilst adhering to stringent safety and quality requirements at every stage of the process, from refining to distribution. Habonim has been granted certification by SIRA covering automated packages intended to work in a SIL2/SIL3, which demands the highest levels of reliability.

Habonim Oil & Gas

A Premium Line of Valves for the Oil & Gas Industry

Ultra-reliable Fire-safe valves at all temperatures and pressure classes. The Oil and Gas industry is based on an un-comprising approach towards safety and reliability. Fully committed to this approach, Habonim’s delivers a ground-breaking industry standard with its HermetiX™-Fire Safe valves, Reaching no less than 500,000 cycles prior to any service requirement. This new industry benchmark effectively eliminates any leakages from valve stems (or any other part for that matter) allowing a much safer and long-lasting service life of O&G facilities.

Habonim Actuator

Pneumatic Actuator

The COMPACT actuator is a quarter-turn rack & pinion pneumatic actuator that doubles the torque of standard pneumatic actuators. The superior performance is achieved by Habonim’s patented four-piston design, which generates torque around a centrally located piston.

Habonim Accessories

Valve Accessories

As a major ball valve and pneumatic actuator supplier to many industries, Habonim has set out its policy for the prevention of major-accident by designing a line of specialized products that guarantee its customers a high level of protection for man and his environment.

Garlock Gaskets

Gaskets & Diaphragms

Compressed fiber gasketing materials are manufactured using a proven technique referred to as the High-Pressure Sheet (HPS) process, uniquely made by using a proprietary non-VOC solvent which is environmentally friendly. Garlock’s diaphragm product line includes durable and long-lasting pump and valve diaphragms made from pure PTFE to one-piece bolt-on PTFE bonded rubber diaphragms.

Garlock Metallic Gaskets

Metallic Gaskets

Metal gaskets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and chemical exposure. Available in standard and custom configurations, these rugged metal gaskets are made of a wide range of materials to accommodate all types of process applications.

Garlock Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valve

Garlock Butterfly Valves are renowned throughout the multiple industrial sectors for their quality, performance, and reliability in arduous conditions. Garlock valves set the standard in TA-Luft compliance, plus the valves are certified with S1L 3 according to EN 61508.

Garlock Gaskets

Compression Packaging

Garlock compression packing is rigorously tested to ensure effective sealing in valves, pumps, agitators, and other rotary equipment. This product line includes industry-recognized Low Emission valve stem packing, leading-edge and award-winning pump packing sets like dry-running DSA, and water saving HYDRA-JUST®.

Bearing Isolators

KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators & Radial Lip Seals

Klozure® Bearing Isolators feature a unitized labyrinth design to prevent ingress of contaminants and egress of lubrication, and they are most commonly found in pumps, motors, and gearboxes. All Klozure® Bearing Isolators are proudly made in the USA! Klosure® Oil Seals are available in more than 50 different styles in sizes from ¼” to over 90″, solid or split, metal-cased or all-rubber. 

Garlock Expansion Joints

Rubber & Metal Expansion Joints

Garlock Rubber Expansion Joints offer superior performance, reliability, and service life, resulting in improved plant safety and increased mechanical integrity of the equipment. Under the guidance of EJMA standards, the Garlock metal expansion joints carry additional safety factors to increase fatigue life of bellows 10 times of EJMA guidance

Pyromation Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Sector

For the multiple processes in the extraction, production, refining, and distribution of oil, gas and other petrochemicals, Pyromation offers a number of temperature sensors and also carries a broad line of explosion-proof sensor assemblies approved by FM and CSA for use in U.S. and Canadian hazardous locations. Pyromation also produces thermocouples for use in engine monitoring in heavy-duty distribution vehicles and extraction equipment.

Pyromation Thermocouples

Energy & Power Sector

Pyromation produces a number of temperature sensors for various applications in the energy/power sector. From miniature temperature sensors for wind turbine bearings to durable thermocouples for boiler and piping systems, there are sensors for almost any power application. Specific sensor assemblies include thermowells and are fitted with transmitters when remote readings are required. 

Pyromation Transmitters

Mining Sector

Pyromation manufactures a variety of thermocouple assemblies to measure temperature in refining and mineral processing applications. For rugged applications, specific sensor assemblies are available with thermowell protection.

Pyromation Thermocouples

Chemical Sector

Temperature sensors that meet these specifications for almost every application within the industry, has designed and developed many sanitary CIP (Clean-In-Place) sensors that are 3-A approved and builds a variety of explosion-proof sensor assemblies, which are approved by CSA and FM for use in hazardous locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Electronic Pressure

Electronic Pressure Measurement

All WIKA electronic pressure transmitters and transducers convert an applied pressure into an electrical signal. This signal is sent to computers, PLC’s (programmable logic controllers), chart recorders, digital panel meters or other devices that interpret this electrical signal and use it to display, record and/or change the pressure in the system being monitored.

Level Measurement

Level Measurement

A comprehensive range of level measuring instruments available for temperatures up to 540 °C / 1000 °F, specific gravity from .35 and pressure ranges up to 5000 PSI. This includes standard instruments and customized products.

WIKA Pressure Measurement

Mechanical Pressure & Temperature Measurement

The mechanical temperature measuring instruments work on the bimetal expansion, or gas actuation principle and cover scale ranges from -200 … +700 °C, -328 … +1292 °F. As a result of the integration of switch contacts and output signals into our mechanical temperature measuring instruments, we can offer a wide variety of combined instruments. With switch contacts, the pointer position triggers a change-over.

Pipe & Tubular

Pipe & Tubular Products

The RathGibson Group manufactures the finest quality Precision Engineered Tubing. Materials include Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys, and Titanium. Offering precision welded, welded & drawn, and seamless tubing in straight lengths, coil, and u-bend configurations.

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