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The United States is the largest market for biopharmaceuticals, accounting for around a third of the global market, and is the world leader in biopharmaceutical research and development (R&D). According to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA), U.S. firms conduct over half the world’s research and development (R&D) in pharmaceuticals and hold the intellectual property rights on most new medicines. The U.S. biopharmaceutical sector accounts for 17 percent of all domestic R&D funded by U.S. businesses and added an estimated $1.2 trillion in economic output in 2014, representing 3.8 percent of total U.S. output.1

Fluid Management & Filtration Solutions

AdvantaPure Bioclosure

BioClosure® Container Closure Systems

High Purity Container Closures manufactured from USP Class VI, platinum-cured silicone elastomer or from AdvantaFlex® biopharmaceutical grade TPE, AdvantaPure’s BioClosure Systems offer the utmost in purity. They’re biologically safe and work with vessels of glass, metal or plastic. Stoppers, caps, inserts for True Unions and GL45’s, and other styles, with or without tubing, are available.
BioClosure systems are not intended for implantation or continuous steam applications.

AdvantaPure Tubes

High Purity Tubing and Process Hoses

Our high purity tubing and hose products are designed for the biopharm and pharmaceutical industries as well as food, beverage, laboratory and chemical transfer applications. They include our AdvantaSil™ family of platinum-cured silicone products, AdvantaFlex® biopharm grade TPE tubingand our offering of process hoses.

AdvantaPure Single Use

Single-Use Systems (SUS)

Eliminate production stoppages for sterilization, reduce the risk of contamination, and increase efficiency by incorporating Single-Use Systems from AdvantaPure. Single Use Systems, or SUS, simplify cleaning validations—use once and discard.

Each system is custom made using AdvantaSil™ platinum-cured, Class VI silicone tubing and hose or AdvantaFlex® Class VI biopharmaceutical grade tubing. Add fittings, stoppers and container closures, filters, bottles, labels and tracking options, and other components.

Single-use systems are not intended for implantation or continuous steam applications.

AdvantaPure Fittings

Sanitary Hose Fittings

AdvantaPure has employed the help of a premier fittings expert to bring you a line of crimp fittings that will exceed expectations. With details like sanitary fittings with a 20 Ra / SF1 finish for smooth, non-contaminating flows (optional electro-polishing services available for 15Ra / SF4 or better finish); 8-sided designs for easier tightening in highly restrictive installations; and radiused edges, AdvantaPure’s line of fittings is quite unique. And, since they’re specially designed to mate with the NewAge Industries AdvantaPure line of hoses, they offer exceptional performance in most any application. Ask us about our complete sanitary hose assemblies.

Filtration & Sensors

Filtration, Sensors & Automated Systems

High-purity solutions speed up development times, increase efficiency and safety, and enable reproducible product quality. Incorporating SciLog®, our portfolio combines filtration, bioprocess containers, overmolded manifolds and single-use sensors into scalable automated single-use solutions for normal flow filtration, tangential flow filtration, bioreactor maintenance, metering and dispensing.

Parker Fluoropolymer Tubing

Parflex | Fluoropolymer Tubing

All tubing feature a low coefficient of friction and anti-stick properties, high-temperature capabilities and the most corrosion and chemical resistance of all polymers. Includes smoothbore tubing, heat shrink tubing, convoluted, corrugated, spiral wrap and beading for fluid handling electrical insulation applications. (PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF tubing)

Parker Veriflow

Veriflo | Instrumentation Process Analyzer

The ChangeOver System is a compact turnkey module that assists the operator with their total gas management. The Veriflo product line includes regulators, flow controllers, and cylinder connections management.

Habonim 3 Piece Valves

Chemical Industry

Habonim line of 3-piece ball valves is engineered for endurance and meet the most demanding industrial and international standards. Habonim standard valves include the HermetiX™ stem seal, named for its distinctive “X” shaped design. The flexible “X” shape creates a dynamic sealing arrangement that allows the HermetiX™ stem seal to adjust itself as pressure builds.

Habonim Clean Valves

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry

The TuBore™ series is Habonim’s line of sterile ball valves for the pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, food and beverage industries. The valves comply with ASME BPE standard for applications in which sterility, cleanability and drainability are essential for product quality.


MaxPure Sanitary Tube Fittings

The MaxPure stainless steel product line is designed to meet the Pharmaceutical Industry’s production specifications. With our guaranteed Ra, high quality and detailed manufacturing methods, MaxPure is your ideal stainless steel partner.

Trust in TEK

Trust in TEK

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Sensor & Measurement Solutions

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Clean Room

TEK is pleased to announce the certification of our ISO Class 7 Clean Room, which was added to our Randolph warehouse in the fall of 2014.  Our new clean room will allow us to support customers in the semiconductor and biotech markets better than ever before.

The new clean room supports our abilities to perform sterile assemblies, manifolds, and in-house packaging. Our product offering will include single-use sterile filters, bags, quick disconnects, hose barb connections, over-mold junctions and manifolds, valving, tube, hose and so much more.

To learn more about our clean room capabilities contact our team.


To serve our customers needs more completely TEK has installed a custom hose fabrication shop in our Randolph warehouse. We have a semi-clean room dedicated solely to hose fabrication. Whatever your needs may be, TEK’s knowledgeable staff will work with you to find the perfect solution. Contact our team today to learn more about our fabricating capabilities.

Some of Our Capabilities Include:

  • In-House Fully Traceable, Custom Hose Assemblies
  • Clean Hose Pressure and Leak Testing
  • Full selection of End Connection Styles
  • Custom Labeling
  • Same Day Service

Custom Hose

There are more TEK solutions available to the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry, view our line of Sensor & Measurement Solutions. To discuss an upcoming project with one of our experts, reach out to our team today.